Switch to Northeast Bank

Moving your accounts is easy!

Open your new account at Northeast Bank. You can apply at one of our 3 locations or access our online account opening.

After you open your new Northeast Bank account, record these numbers to reference when switching your accounts:

  • Account Number
  • Routing Number

Stop using your existing checking account. Keep the account open until all outstanding checks have been cleared and your automatic payments and transactions have been switched to your new Northeast Bank account.

Transfer your automatic deposits and withdrawals to your new account. Use the appropriate forms below to request changes.

Transfer your online bill payments. Cancel any scheduled or recurring automatic bill payments. Print a copy of your existing payee list to use as a reference when setting up your payees in Northeast Bank's Online Bill Pay service.

Close your existing checking account. Once all your checks have cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits are successfully being deducted or credited from your new Northeast Bank account, close your old account. Use the Request to Close Account form to provide notice and authorization to your former bank to close your account(s) and issue a check for the remaining balance.

It's that easy!