Standard Fees

Schedule of Fees

Amortization Schedules$ 10.00
ATM Non-network Charges

(per transaction)

Balance Inquiry/Printout$2.00
Canadian Check Processing Fee$4.00
Check Review Service
(two signatures required)
$5.00 per month
Coin Counting


Coin Ordering

(per roll)

Collection Incoming

(per item)

Collection International Outgoing

(per item)

Collection Outgoing$15.00
Commercial Audit Confirmation$15.00
Credit Reference Fee$5.00
Currency Order

(per $1,000)

Debit Card Replacement$5.00
Debit Card Rush Order$50.00
Deposit Bags (Locked)$25.00
Deposit Bags (Zipper)$3.00
Dormant Account Charge

(per month)

Early Account Closing
DDA and Savings less than 3 months$20.00
IRA prior to 3 years$50.00
Expedited Bill Pay Payment$14.95

per check

Next Business Day Rush Payment$19.95

per check

Second Business Day Rush Payment $14.95

per check

Fax Service

(1 to 5 pages)

Foreign Currency Buy/Sell$12.00
Under $300 USD $12.00
Over $300 USD $5.00
Garnishment and Levy Processing$100.00
Gift Card - Visa®

(Limit $500)

Lock Box Service

(per month)

Mobile Check Deposit - ConsumerFree
Mobile Check Deposit - Business

5 free/month or

unlimited pckg = $10.00/month

Money Orders$3.00
Mortgage Audit Confirmation$15.00
Mortgage Satisfaction Replacement $75.00
Municipal Bond Redemption$15.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Return Item Fee (NSF)***$30.00
Official Bank Checks$5.00
Online Banking Options:
Consumer Online Banking with Bill PayFree
Business Online Banking with Business Bill Pay$10.00 / month
Cash Management with Business Bill Pay$35.00 / month
ACH File Processing$2.50 / File
ACH Item Processing$0.12 / Item
Overdraft Item Fee (OD)**$30.00
Overdraft Item Fee and/or NSF Item Fee$30.00

(consumer only)


per day

Overdraft Accrual Charges
Business Accounts

(overdrawn 1 or more consecutive days)


per day

Consumer Accounts

(overdrawn 2 or more consecutive days)


per day



Record Research, per hour

(includes copies)

Redeposited Return Item$4.00
Return Item Charge$4.00
Return Mail Fee$4.00
Safe Deposit Late Payment$10.00
Safe Deposit Lock Drilling$175.00
Safe Deposit Lost Key$25.00
Statement Copies: Paper $5.00

per mo

Statement Copies: CD ROM$25.00

per CD

Statement Reconciliation

(per statement cycle)

Statement Special Handling$10.00
Stop Payment

(per request, includes ACH & Bill Pay)

Subordination Fee$150.00
Subordination Fee


Wire Return (domestic)$20.00
Wire Return (international)$40.00
Wire Transfer


Wire Transfer

(domestic - outgoing)

Wire Transfer

(international - outgoing)


* Other ATM owners may charge a fee.

** An OD Item Fee will be charged per item, if you are overdrawn and the bank chooses to pay the item(s).

An OD Item Fee may be triggered by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

*** An NSF Return Item Fee will be charged per item, if you are overdrawn and the bank chooses not to pay the item(s).

Safe Deposit

Annual Fee
Box Size


Automatic Debit By Check
2 1⁄2 x 5 x 21$18.75 $ 28.75
3 x 5 x 21$22.50 $32.50
5 x 5 x 21$37.50 $47.50
3 x 10 x 21$45.00 $55.00
5 x 10 x 21$75.00 $85.00
6 x 10 x 21$90.00 $100.00
9 x 10 x 21$135.00 $145.00
10 x 10 x 21$150.00 $160.00